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Issue 10 – Winter 2020
72-key Decap progress
Why is a scale important?
Restoration – reeds
Eric V. Cockayne (part 3)

Issue 9 – Autumn 2020
72-key Decap progress
Why is a scale important?
Repairing organ pipes
Eric V. Cockayne (part 2)

Issue 8 – Spring 2020
The Mortier Story (part 2)
In Brief
Nicole Frères musical box
Why is a scale important?
Radio organ restored
Jasper Sanfilippo
Eric V. Cockayne (part 1)

Issue 7- Autumn  2019
The Mortier Story (part 1)
In Brief
Newly offered for sale
Why is a scale important?
Serial numbers wanted
‘Sweet Charity’ restored

Issue 6 – Christmas 2018
Henri J. J. Krijnen R.I.P.
James Ord Hume
In Brief
Why is a scale important?
Exclusive new Midi player
Gavioli Serial Numbers
Waldkirch Organ Event

Issue 5 – Summer 2018
Belgian Café Culture
46 key organ to Australia
In Brief
W.B.S. Model 76 / 77
Jim Krughoff RIP
The air that we breathe
87-key Gavioli organ’s debut

Issue 4 – Winter 2017
Waldkirch Festival 2017
More Gavioli artwork
In Brief
35-key Limonaire organs
Gavioli in road accident
Gavioli organ changes hands

Issue 3 – April 2017
Smallest roll organ?
“The Good Old Days”
The I. B. O.
Featured Organ Scale: 92 key Decap
In Brief
VIPs visit from Belgium
Carl Frei 50th Anniversary

Issue 2 – Winter 2016
Gavioli research project
Organ builders’ future
Rare Gavioli artwork
Featured Organ Scale: 46 key Gavioli
In Brief
‘Brexit’ and prices
Uniflex Organ Control

Issue 1 – September (Autumn / Fall) 2016
Waldkirch Organ Festival 2017
40 years in business!
Marenghi bandmaster
Launch of Newsletter
Featured Organ Scale: 32 key Prinsen organs
In Brief
Banking changes
More from your hobby
Visit to USA