Hand-turned Organs

We tune and repair hand-turned street organs by modern makers such as RaffinDeleika, Hofbauer, Verbeeck and Prinsen.  We also carry out full overhauls including re-leathering bellows, giving an ailing organ a new lease of life.  Occasionally we have second-hand organs of this type for sale, and can always supply brand new instruments and carts.  We can also supply new music rolls for 26 and 31 note organs.

DeleikaA 26 note paper roll-playing Deleika organ and cart which we overhauled and re-decorated.  It now has a new home in San Diego, California, USA.

As well as modern roll and book playing organs, we also work on barrel organs.  Several Cocchi, Bacigalupo & Graffigna, Frati and Gavioli instruments have passed through our hands, including some Melotons, which are barrel organs in which free reeds produce the sound instead of regular organ pipes.  In the United States, we have even tuned a large North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works barrel organ.

We also produce standard 31-note music rolls, punched in high-quality plastic foil, with standard internal hexagon drive. These are suitable to play on Raffin, Stüber and other organs, and are supplied in a box. Music rolls with our arrangements are not available for purchase elsewhere.

Roll No. 1
I’ve got sixpence
La donna e mobile
The Woodpecker Song

Price in UK including V.A.T. and delivery £95.00

Please contact us for prices outside of the UK.

More titles are on order and will be listed when ready. A number of titles have been arranged for 26-note Deleika organs, but are out of stock at the moment. Please contact us for further details.

Contact us now to book your organ in for tuning and servicing!

42 key Gavioli trumpet barrel organA fine 42 key Gavioli trumpet barrel organ overhauled for a client.  The barrel contained some original Gavioli compositions.



The Soldier’s Joy, Hornpipe

L’elegante polka by A. Gavioli