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The combination of electronics and mechanical music is not a recent phenomenon; from the 1950’s dance and café organs were equipped with early types of synthesisers. Later, the popular and commercially successful Hammond organ was also incorporated. Electronic control of manually-played organs also developed during this time and we are pleased to represent Uniflex Organ Control Systems in the UK and Europe, one of the market leaders in this field.

MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface is an international standard set down in 1983 allowing computers to connect with a range of electronic musical instruments and audio devices. Its use in controlling pneumatically-operated automatic instruments was quickly realised and this also led the construction of a new generation of instruments which fully embraced the potential of the technology. Many prominent arrangers for automatic musical instruments now use music sequencing software as part of the process of producing new music rolls and books.

As computer and mobile phone technology continues to develop, MIDI has adapted many of these new possibilities and the control of automatic musical instruments by this means has come a long way since the 1980s.

Properly made and installed, an organ operating by means of MIDI, and using specially-made music files, is indistinguishable from one playing by a more traditional method. In some cases, especially in commercial applications, operation by MIDI offers a number of important advantages, and where appropriate, we have embraced this technology.

In the future we plan to introduce a number of MIDI products which we hope will be of use to those with an interest in MIDI.

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