Façade Restoration and Decoration

As well as the musical / technical aspects of an instrument, we can also undertake, if required, the restoration of the decorative façade and / or casework.  If the façade or case is complete, and with its original decoration or finish intact, this can also be conserved for the future.  In collaboration with experienced wood-carvers, damaged or missing ornamentation can be repaired or replaced.  It is even possible to reproduce complete front sections to match missing parts. Figures of all types can be restored and decorated in authentic fashion.

101 key Mortier 1075 - AC Pilmer101 key Mortier organ from 1938 (Photograph used by courtesy of Keith Pritchett. © W.K. Pritchett)

The art-deco façade of this 101 key Mortier organ from 1938 had seen hard use in its life. The flat surfaces had been badly damaged by handling over the years, so these areas were repaired, repainted and finished with air brush work. Metal leaf was applied to other areas. The original Mortier factory painting of the carved details was left intact. In this way the general appearance was greatly improved. It is seen here without the very top sections of the façade in place, as, due to its great height, these pieces could not be fitted in the workshop!

Decorated organ figures - AC Pilmer
Decorated organ figures. (Click on image to enlarge)

This set of three newly-carved figures was added to a 52 key street organ, and were specially decorated to match the existing colour scheme of the instrument.

Our aim is to re-create an authentic decorative appearance. The original colour scheme, where it still exists, is carefully noted and reproduced. Gold and silver leaf is also used, when appropriate, using traditional water or oil gilding techniques. From time to time new figures are available, as well as originals, enabling missing ones to be satisfactorily replaced. The lettering on the façade is carefully researched and wherever possible reproduced as original.

On our website you will find several examples of instruments which have been completely redecorated in our workshops.