No matter how well the organ is restored, or however carefully the façade has been re-decorated, the final test must come with the music it produces.

We are able to supply old and new arrangements for many types of instruments. Our arrangements are made for the specific organ type in question, and are not derived automatically by computer from other organ scales and types, as offered at low prices by certain suppliers.

You can hear the difference!

As members of the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society, we are licensed to make arrangements of copyright works, on which a statutory copyright royalty is levied. Our music is also protected by the Performing Rights Society, of which we are also members.

We are equipped with special, semi-automatic machinery for converting cardboard stock into folding music books. This is the only machinery of its type in the British Isles. We also supply blank card for you to cut yourself, or to use in the repair of damaged music books. All our books are carefully cut by hand, although a custom automatic perforating machine is under development. Many music books, supplied by some others, are inaccurately cut and carelessly produced on various types of automatic machines: the experienced ear can easily detect this lack of attention to detail.

We have unrivalled experience in the supply of music for large French fair organ scales, particularly 110 and 112 key Gavioli, for which we have been regularly making new books since 1977.

You can hear our music on a variety of commercial sound recordings, and we will be pleased to furnish details of these to those interested.

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121 key Gebr. Decap organ121 key Gebr. Decap organ ‘De Kempenaer’ built in 1938. This organ was completely restored by us and is now a featured attraction at the well-known Hall of Halls museum near Osaka, Japan.

This is the largest mechanical organ in Asia. We extend our grateful thanks to Taizou Murakami for the use of this photograph.

De Kempenaer“De Kempenaer” is seen here without its decorative façade, revealing the wide variety of pipework found in such organs. The packing, shipping, unpacking, erection and tuning in Japan was entirely carried out by A. C. Pilmer Automatic Music Ltd.